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With the role of fire and rescue services at the heart of public safety, never has it been more important to find new, effective and sustainable ways of maintaining and improving standards from a declining budget. We recognise that now is an important time for the College to play a full and active role in helping you to achieve challenging objectives. To do this the College is changing.

Our new modularised and distributed training delivery model allows you, as far as possible, to make local choices about what’s delivered, where, when and by whom. We have reviewed our pricing strategy and can offer significant reductions for greater collaboration and aggregation of demand, longevity of commitment and development pathways.

Through working in partnership with you, our vision is to transform the College into a truly world-class training establishment and Centre of Excellence across the fire and wider emergency services sector. I feel honoured to have been appointed to steer the College on the next step of its journey and believe passionately in its future. I have no doubt that it can once again be at the heart of the customer community it serves, increasing efficiencies and providing a central hub around which we can all collaborate. To find out more about any of the developments taking place at the College, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Dr. Chandrashekhar R. Bansod

Mr. Swapnel Chawre

Managing Director, NCFSE Nagpur

The NCFSE is a leading organisation providing high quality Assessed, Accredited and Assured training to the fire and rescue service and wider emergency services sector. We have the experience and resources to enable emergency responders at all levels to train with us, and to validate learning strategically, tactically and operationally. We are here to support you and your organisation as we strive together to improve the safety of firefighters, other emergency responders and the communities which you serve.

With the number of emergency calls falling year on year, opportunities to develop and practise skills in real-life situations are diminishing, increasing the importance of training. Our unique incident ground enables us to stage a wide range of realistic and immersive exercises, offering learners the most varied experience possible. We are currently reviewing and updating a number of our courses to move towards a more practical and experiential learning-based approach.

However, we also recognise that it is not always feasible for fire and rescue services to release staff for long periods to attend training some distance away. Our new modularised and distributed delivery model is therefore designed to offer maximum flexibility in the way that we bring our training to you.

This prospectus provides an overview of our training directory. However, if there is something specific that you require please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Our vision for the College is to build the India’s best resilience training organisation. Our aim to deliver and ensure common and consistent standards of leadership, command and technical training to the lerners across the Nation.

At the heart of everything we do is a shared commitment to deliver a service of the highest possible quality to customers across all our marketplaces and to continually improve on the way in which all those involved contribute to this.

Our Continuing commitment is to facilitate our excellence in education,training,certification and support services for the emergency response community.

Our Mission No Fire In Nation

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